The best of Goddess Conference 2016


This is only my totally personal and subjective view of the experience that is the Glastonbury Goddess Conference. Each opportunity to meet other pagans and Goddess loving people and immersing myself in ritual experiences (that I don’t organize) are a huge gift that feel me with inspiration and encourage everyone to have. Here they are in purely chronological order:

Being in Glastonbury

Being in Glastonbury is an experience in itself, with really high and low moments, but if I’m honest I can confess that is one of the reasons I love going. It accelerates transformation like few things.

Alisa Starkweather

I felt she did powerful work and became a fan of Alisa Starkweather when I first saw “Things we don’t talk about” but seeing her in action has been amazing. If you don’t know her, she is the creator of Red Tend Movement. I came earlier to go to her workshop “She calls us home” and then I was in her talk “Women’s rising as the mystical legendary catalyst of our times” and her afternoon workshop “Spiritual well-being on the isle of the dead”.

IMG_20160725_130221I really felt in love with her inspired way of acting. The way she started by saying that she had no planning and that each experience was new also for her and she didn’t know what was going to happen was great. It was clear to me that this was not coming from “making it up as you go” but from the deep knowledge of a teacher that is so experienced that she can be open to look at every new experience with fresh eyes. And trust the possibilities.

Her talks were about stopping asking ourselves “how afraid are we” and start asking “how courageous are we” because we live in a moment of change and awakening in which we need to get out of our shell and show ourselves.

In her workshop the exercises of giving yourself the blessing you really need touched me deeply, I feel we all should experiment receiving this kind of blessing. And I am deeply grateful for the presence of all the wonderful women that were part of it, specially Snake Lady, Ann and Kerry: thank you!

I also liked the space for “burning sharings”, this inspirations on the moment that you feel you need to say, and usually are very difficult to be heard in our everyday life.

In the afternoon workshop she talked about the training Initating ourselves to the predator within and the need to break the promise of not being like the ones that hurt us or not allowing ourselves to be hurt ever again, because it’s the path to become fierce. We worked with a beautiful living mandala to experiment how we can be vulnerable while other parts are in the role of defender and caretaker.

The topic of the year

IMG-20160731-WA0135The Lady of Avalon  may not be a historically based Goddess but she is the Lady of transformation and Her spirit has called and fascinated many people, specially trough the works of fiction like The Mists of Avalon. In this Conference you could feel the deep love for Her not only by the priestess but also by the assistants.

Also, the altar was the most spectacular and powerful I’ve ever seen. Amazing!

Tribu de Iberia

Being with our friends from Madrid and Spain has been wonderful and I can’t skip it in the ranking. I’ve given so many hugs that could last a whole year and still want some more. Our talks and meetings were an authentic space of love, womb of creating and laughter. Singing in the Lammas fire was fantastic. Jana, Sauco, Samarah, Athe, Hyedra being with you makes everything better. Thank you!!!

Jana (Cris Perales de Madrid) was our magnificent trobe priestess and with our mexican friends we had the great pleasure of sharing in Spanish. Simply wonderful!!!

First day quotes

Kathy Jones said “Go buy something from the artists” and “The MotherWorld is about circulation” my reaction and thoughts about these deserve an entire post.

I think it was during the emotive presentation Remembering Lydia Ryule where her niece Katie Hoffner said “The universe is not made of atoms, it’s made of stories”.  Also, thank you for giving away some of her amazing artwork, we are really honored!

The Art

Julie Felix, Kelliana and Heloise Pilkington’s concerts are something that we would really miss. I hope next years there will be more time and not be in the lunch break. I also loved the painters and their beautiful inspiring work.


Starhawk was really inspiring in her talk  “Tales from City of Refuge, with Spiral Dance” as well as the workshop “Letting the wildness in”. Added to the stories, which really make you fly, I loved the explation about how she thinks privilege is something misunderstood. She said that privilege can be seen as a burden, something we didn’t ask for that gives us advantage at the expense of someone else. We can’t get it fairly for our own merits because it’s already given. Our privilege doesn’t make us guilty but makes it our job to realize it and become allies.

She also talked about the edge as a place of creativity and growth and not only of conflict. It’s where there is diversity and where we learn new things by doing what is not comfortable and where change comes from while systems try to maintain themselves.

She said something that I’ve been repeating lately that “90% of communities fail, we don’t have the skills or understanding to do that”but this shouldn’t make us stop  and  wait for the perfect conditions but that it is by trying that we may learn.


I also loved that in the workshop she invited us to think and share what is “wild” for us. It gave me new perspectives about myself.

Journey to Avalon

Lacking words. With Kathy Jones. 10 hours in ritual space. Sound journey. Extenuating. Vision. Lucid dreaming. Overwhelming. Too many bodies. Beauty. Frustrating how easy life is and how hard we make it. Pressure in the head. Beyond the veil. Without air I can’t dance. Dreamworld and awake world are melting. Ufff!!


Closing ceremony

This doesn’t usually make into my favourites, maybe because I’m too tired and it seems long. But I really loved the idea of giving the keys of the mysteries and the transmition from Kathy Jones to Katinka Soetens and Marion van Eupen, as the new Conference websters. One of the biggest scars is how the keys of  the mysteries and the knowledge were lost, the broken lines, the end of the Temples, as Kathy said. So, it was really powerful to witness this ceremony.

Oracle and embodiment in the Goddess House

The priest/ess of the Goddess in training offered oracles and embodiments in the Goddess House just after the Conference. I can only say thank you!! They were absolutely amazing and right, and for me, were the perfect end of the experience. And we could also appreciate the beauty of Goddess House. Thank you so much!!

If I had to give some small constructive criticism it would be that it seems to me that the amount of participation in some ceremonies is decreasing and in some instances I felt more spectator than participant because there were really long times of just watching and listening. I would love more active participation (and I don’t necessarily mean dancing or talking, meditation and visualisation are also active in a ritual for me) beyond singing.

Were you there? Leave a comment!

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