Goddess Conference and Glastonbury part II

Glastonbury Abbey tree size Don’t forget to read part 1 first.

On Friday 27th we spent the day at the Abbey. It’s a beautiful place with ruins and huge old trees that convey much peace. I particularly like the remainings of the well below Mary’s chapel. But overall I think the gardens are a very special because of the

place for itself gardens and trees and giant elders have so much time welcoming a place as sacred. Also always visit the omphalos (egg-shaped stone) that today was the cost of an exhibition of birds of prey.

Glastonbury Goddess Conference altar and setting

On Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th we attended the Mystic Fayre, a kind of mystic bazaar in the Assembly Rooms where, in addition, for a very reduced price you can also attend several conferences and workshops. We learned and practiced with the pendulum ( I found a hidden in the room and was given to me as a gift), a couple of talks from mediums (which were quite nice because there was few people), a workshop about contacting nature by a woman with a beautiful voice, another about ‘shapeshifting’ where in a  meditation we acquired properties and parts of an animal. Most activities were interesting. I found especially funny the talk by Ross Hemsworth, author of The Dead Are Talking (The dead speak) who made several shows on paranormal investigation.

And Sunday night I attended a Moonlodge (circle of women) led by Katinka Soetens, which was really beautiful and allowed me to get to know many women who would also attended the conference and it was as if the celebration had already begun. The next day we recovered from this busy weekend.

Glastonbury Goddess Conference presentation with mayor and priestess

On Tuesday 31st morning we went to the market and in the afternoon we register for the conference. And we started enjoying the fantastic setting, the altars and drooling over the beauties of the conference market. In the evening we attended a concert by Julie Felix, and experience which we certainly recommend and more than listening is a celebration in itself!

Glastonbury Goddess Conference - Julie Felix concert

On Wednesday, August 1st, the conference began. You can download the program (or watch it on their website). I really liked the presentation by Katinka, where we saw a piece of ‘Birth as we know it’, a video that I recommend if you are interested in natural childbirth because it was really beautiful. Then we listened to music and tried (they were quite difficult) to learn the songs for the ceremony in the evening. In the afternoon we made our fertility apron (which was actually a belt) in small groups (depending on the direction from which we came) and we mixed the cereals that we had brought.

The opening ceremony was very dramatic: there was rhythmic music that made your whole body vibrate, the room was full of smoke and in the center, behind bars sat the Goddesses (the priestesses embodying them), surrounded by guards, businessmen and other authority masked figures. It was a beautiful and powerful ceremony, offering them the grain, removing the gates and releasing masked people.

Glastonbury Goddess Conference - Waiting for entry to the first ceremony

On August 2nd, there were more talks in the morning and in the evening you could choose the workshop, I had the pleasure of attending a circle on the part of women is also facilitated by Katinka that really touched my the heart. In the evening, led by Katie, we saw a theatre in monologue style titled Mother Matters where some priestesses and other participants talked about their experiences, most shocking and frightening force.

On Friday, August 3rd, we were tired and stayed for a while in bed. In the afternoon the heart of the Mysteries ceremony was a meditation / (belly) dancing guided to connect and release our wounds mother (we as mothers of our creations). Although it was nice, for me was less intense than in previous years, still, I felt like mother earth responding more to the pain of others than my own. At night, in the returning to the dreaming womb of the Mother ceremony we were all sitting / lying down and had the opportunity to go talk to  some of the priestesses who embodied the Goddess. To tell the truth, at the beginning I felt horribly overwhelmed and disconnected and only wanted to leave but finally it was, as always, a beautiful and extraordinary experience.

Glastonbury Goddess Conference - Kathy Jones as Chocomama

On Saturday 4th  I loved Ava conference on the archetype of the queen. In fact we (Jana, Antoni and I) liked it so much that we change workshop and here you can find the article I wrote (in Spanish). We had so much fun with Chocomama, a fusion of Pachamama and chocolate, performed by Kathy Jones who read the Charge of the Goddess but speaking about pleasure and  chocolate! We laughed a lot! And at night there was the fantastic gala-dance, if you want to get an idea of ​​the atmosphere, you can look at Matthew Holbrook’s page (A ‘Event Photos’ and Goddess Conference 2012).

On Sunday we enjoyed a fantastic procession to Chalice Hill accompanied by the rain, there was a little ceremony of gratitude around a fire that stoically resisted the downpour. The priestess of the water was really motivated and her invocation had an immediate effect! It was touching and beautiful and we ended up sharing the fruits taking advantage of the minute the rain paused and in the afternoon there were acknowledgments and gift exchanging.

Glastonbury Goddess Conference 2012 processionGlastonbury Goddess Conference 2012 processionGlastonbury Goddess Conference 2012 - ceremony processionGlastonbury Goddess Conference 2012 - ceremony procession

From there people started going back home, many after Lammas ceremony on Monday 6th. We stayed at Glastonbury recovering from our experience, going to the temple to pray and dream (this year everyone seemed to want to be lying down), shopping, strolling through the gardens of Chalice Well ( especially beautiful day for children), revisiting the Tor, the Wearyall Hill and making thousands of photos of squirrels. We had a great stay at Pilgrims, we felt at home and we have no words to tell you how grateful we are to have met so many extraordinary people!

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