Mini report of our stay in Glastonbury (part I)

Monday 23rd July we were arriving at the Temple of the Goddess, still decorated for Litha, all was blue dedicated to Domnu, the Goddess of water. Unfortunately we forgot to take pictures. Apart from that we spent the day recovering from the trip.

Tuesday 24th July we went to the weekly market, we looked at the shops and we also enjoyed the esoteric public library (the only one in Europe that we know of), we had fun reading and browsing. At sunset, we went to the workshop of ‘Healing the wounds of the Heart’ in the Temple with the priestess Isobella, it was nice and emotional, connecting with our inner child and its pain. We ended the day going up to the Thorn.

Wednesday 25th July after breakfast we went to Tor following the path of Dod Lane (Lady of Avalon Pilgrimage in Kathy Jones’book). One of the best things was the giant trees before you get to the Tor. I had already approached the tree from the outside, but this time we have come from within, we asked permission to touch and the feeling of grounding was the most extraordinary I ever felt.

Then we went to the Red Spring (the White was closed), I soaked my feet in the icy water and we  joined a meditation synchronized worldwide, initiated by the popular Japanese Dr. Enomoto, for the healing of the world’s waters . There were many people, even locals that usually don’t attend these things (as we discovered later) and many visitors were just visiting. It was short and sweet: the presenter briefly explained the importance of water, the memory that it contains, how most of us are actually made of water and how it is the part of us that connects with our emotions. After people added water they brought from other place to the chalice well water, we did a little meditation visualizing and connecting with other our lands and places were we feel the water was specially sacred to us, once the connection is made, we all love sent to water and we gave thanks together, praying for the healing of all.

Thursday 26th July we woke up at 6.30 (I was awake even earlier) and we went to the Bridie’s Mound. It is always a surprise to see people walking or playing sports at this time, but these days with the heat it seemed more understandable. It seemed hard to find but finding the way in the industrial area was not difficult. Only in the last part we skipped the crossing and we had to go back a few meters. Once we found the car park and coal bins we saw a lot of rabbits near the road. We found the marked door and as we were told herbs were more than five feet in high. We went in following a little path until we reached another door, where things still seemed more complicated. We decided not to go on and make an offering to Brigit / Bridget / Bridie there.
It was amazing because just when we were invoking Her a deer appeared quite close to us. Then we went shopping and we slept until 6. At 7pm we went out, bought some snacks and went up to the Tor following the path in the side of the Chalice Well. We went to the center of the maze where we sat down to do a meditation on the chakras. We made some offerings and saw many crows and rabbits. We have been alone most of the climb and we enjoyed very much the quiet time. We sat down in the top and had dinner. We’ve gone down by the back side and went on  for the Stone Down Lane looking for the Gog and Magog. The road was very long and solitary, and shortly before 10pm we thought it was getting too dark and there were too many clouds of mosquitoes to continue and went back. We were quite close but the high grass obscured totally our sight.

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