Pagan Reading Challenge – Desafío Lector Pagano

He decidido unirme al 2012 Pagan Reading Challenge creado por The Domestic Pagan. Voy a intentar alcanzar el nivel Avanzado (21-25 libros) y en este post podréis comprobar mis progresos. Clica el banner para unirte.

I’ve decided to join the 2012 Pagan Reading Challenge hosted by The Domestic Pagan. I’m trying to reach the level  Advanced Read (21 – 25 books) and in this post you will be able to check my progress. Click the banner to join in.

Mi lista / My list:

  1. Truth or Dare. Encounters with Power, Authority and Mystery by Starhawk
  2. Be a Goddess by Francesca De Grandis
  3. Neopagan rites by Isaac Bonewits
  4. Trance-Portation by Diana L. Paxson (in progress)
  5. Eight Sabbats for Witches by Janet and Stewart Farrar
  6. The Witches’ Way by Janet and Stewart Farrar
  7. The Sea Priestess by Dione Fortune
  8. Los rostros de la Diosa by Sandra Roman
  9. The Great Cosmic Mother by Monica Sjöö and Barbara Mor
  10. Goddesses & Angels by Doreen Virtue
  11. Wiccan Wisdomkeepers by Sally Griffyn
  12. First Degree: Lessons in the Correllian Tradition by Don Lewis-Highcorrell
  13. The Dead are Talkin. Proff of an Afterlife? by Ross Hemsworth
  14. Dance ot the Moon. Celebrating the Sacred Cycles of the Earth by Dan Furst (in progress)
  15. The Call of Isis by Olivia Robertson
  16. Energy medicine for women (slowly reading and trying it out)
  17. Journey to the Dark Goddess. How to Return to Your Soul. (click to read my review in English and en Español).
  18. Real magic by Isaac Bonewits
  19. Real energy by Isaac and Phaedra Bonewits
  20. Escollida pels Déus by Maria Carme Roca
  21. Sacred Places of the Goddess by Phillip Heselton (in progress)

Revised: Decembre 28th

State:  4 days to go and too many books to finish!

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