Eclipse lunar

Yesterday there was the last total moon eclipse visible from Spain in the last decade so I searched information to prepare for an evening picnic and celebration on the beach.

Although information about rituals and spells for the lunar eclipse of December 2010 (winter solstice) is really easy to google it is surprisingly difficult to find more general information.

There are two main points of view:

Those who consider eclipses as an inappropriate time to make decisions, make big statements or any spells (like a moon void of course).
Those who believe they are appropriate times to make spells related to leaving bad habits, strengthen or prepare for a major change and see or connect to the shadow (the own or the situation’s one).
Personally, I do not see these moments as a moon void of course (where I think anyone can very easy feel that things are not working as well as usual) but the feeling is similar to it in  the sense of connection and having a huge desire to pray. So, this is what I did yesterday (also because I think it is always a good time to pray and meditate).

Surprisingly, right beside us, we had 3 people doing a long ritual. It was really nice and surprising to me  because there weren’t too many people on the beach and because people who do these things are supposed to be a small minority in my country. I felt always embarrassed at the idea of doing in front of other people, so I feel that seeing this group there has helped me feel more confident and comfortable.

It was a night to repeat with the sound of the sea, the salty taste on the skin, the homemade food and the free entertainment!


In English: General information ritual and meditation Inspiration 8 ideas for the winter solstice eclipse easily adaptable ritual too prescriptive in my opinion association with the Triple Goddess  People who think it is better not to do magic, and that you actually need to do a big purification afterwards to get rid of the negative energies.

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